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Has anyone upgraded to Sibelius 7 yet? How is the sound quality? Is the improvement over Sibelius 6 enough to justify getting the upgrade?

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Well, I guess I should have worded the question better. According to the Sibelius web site, Version 7 includes a new sound library. I was wondering if anyone has compared the new sound library with the Garritan library included with Version 6.

Well it certainly is different and offers a lot more sounds but as for equalling EWQL etc, there is still a way to go.

I've gone ahead and gotten Sibelius 7, and I agree with your assessment. I was hoping I could avoid having to buy a sequencer and sound libraries to get professional sounding demos, but Sibelius 7 isn't quite there yet. The sound quality is an improvement over Sibelius 6, though.

It is enouygh for the likes of myself but I have EWQL Goliath on board for those special moments!

Do you use a sequencer, or to you have Sibelius set up to use the EWQL voices during payback?

I use sibelius as I am suequencer illiterate!

Always nice to hear from a fellow illiterate.

What is your set up Bob?

Well it seems the RAM is enough what about hard drive?

I cannot compare, as I'm new to Sibelius and have been working with 7, but it's great. A bit clunky, and difficult to navigate at first, as it's a 'new' set up (as far as I know) with the "ribbon" technology, but now that I've worked with it quite a bit, I love it. The on-board Sibelius sound banks are ok... certainly beats general midi!
   As with many programs, there are often multiple ways to do the same things, some better than others. There are  lot of 'tricks' and such that make things easier, but they aren't always easy to find out about. Trial and error has been good to me, utilizing my computer savvy to assume actions (i.e. shortcuts and such). Anyhow, as I said, cannot personally compare it to Sibelius 6, but I do like 7 so far. I have also successfully done some scoring where I bring a video in. Also, rewired it to both Reaper and Reason, but not to an extent that I can speak to it's overall usefulness re: rewiring, just that it does work (with Sib as the slave only, I believe - it's been a couple of months since I tried that).

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