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Hello Colleagues,

Composers' Forum has been around about 12 years and it's now time to consider if it should continue. There are many boards and web sites out there, plus reddit, plus facebook, so there are plenty of places composers can go to to have discussions with each other. Many of these sites offer free membership, as does Composers' Forum. But Composers' Forum is not free to the admins who run it - it costs $599 a year to keep going. Admins have been paying this cost since the site began, out of a love for music composition. We've asked the members to voluntarily contribute each year to help pay for the site, with limited success, amounting to at best about 10% of this cost. So this year is a decision year - it's now up to you, the members, to decide if this site has had its time and should close down or continue if you would be willing to help pay to keep it going. I'm hosting this discussion so you can share any thoughts you have on this. The site license is up for renewal at the end of October, I will make a decision whether or not to renew it sometime in September, in part, based on anything that comes from this discussion - 

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Aside from trying to keep food on my table (we just had to go a week not buying ANYTHING because some bills came due, in addition to a large car repair we can't pay either) , I also contribute to various organisations that help with food and education of families in the poorest countries around the world. Compassion International and Women for Women to name a few. Perhaps you have been to Bangladesh. My wife was just there on a trip (paid for by a go fund me drive) to visit a child who just aged out of the system and who we had helped since a very young age. Surely you don't suggest that I support this forum instead.

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