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I'm writing a piece for solo violin, and I was wondering if violinists would prefer fingerings written in by the composer.  Or would they prefer to add their own as they read through it?  I know fingerings can be a personal thing for each performer.  Thoughts?


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Useful indeed. The one with Oistrakh is absolutely hypnotic. One of my favorite violinists, espcially love his Sibelius Concerto rendition with the Cleveland under Szell. I don't know if he used Ravel's fingerings or not on Tzigane, but his own fingers were flying at warp speed. Thanks for the link, Ondib, I greatly enjoyed it.
Ondib Olmnilnlolm said:

This website is useful in exploring the issue with regard to Ravel:

Ravel Tzigane
D major, Cat.No.76
Written: 1924
Composer: Ravel (Maurice Ravel), 1875 - 1937, period: Modern!2JctdC4IwFIDhvzRPdbFgNyZmMUYK_1XHuPBMS2ebANrNfX9HlC897tzlgsz7qwnuEPGApxLEvKqazOcodeoKXJ5uM2i6hA_26UYAKe67106axPfCJIVoKDIVfG4e_2iDVQkV23fd8H2wvWv2zRqMKxveLha5TFjm3p34gM_3


Nope. Unless there's some extended technique involved, index finger is labeled 1st, pinky is 4th. That's it.

The V is bowing. An upstroke, specifically.

michael diemer said:

You mean violonists don't use their thumbs?

Oh yeah, up-bows and down-bows, I forgot about those. I do know about positions also; in fact I bought a violin from a pawn shop just to see if what I wrote was playable - mostly for double stops etc. I must have forgot about the symbol for that.

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