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Hi, I've rearranged a short string piece to suit EWQLSO (and Cubase Artist 6).  The trick was selecting the right samples (obviously there are more than one sample to each instrument) to suit the voices I wanted and re-orchestrating parts that would now sound better that I had more voices to choose from.  It might not sound like it, but there was in fact, a lot of work that went into this composition (although it will remain in my portfolio, as it is too short to be considered for performance) as well as production.


I'd appreciate your comments.





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This sounds more neo- baroque than neo- classical to me. Enjoyable. Difficult task to write string music with samples and midi.
nice piece that carries all your compositional trademarks - keep up the good work.

Thanks Adrian.


Norbert, if it were to be especially Baroque, you might find that all 4 voices (plus bass) would be more independent of their neighbouring counterparts, in that they all would be playing their own tunes rather than accompanying the one or two voices playing the melody.  OK, I swap their roles quite frequently but you'll still find that it boils down to melody and accompaniment.


I'm going to try and write a neo-baroque version of this to show you what I mean.

Thanks for the illumination. :)

Simon Godden said:
Thanks guys.  Ann, I'm not sure what you mean by psychological nuances.  It is supposed to be a short piece trying to emulate classical counterpoint as opposed to baroque.

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