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As of May 16th, 10 AM, I launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo in order to enhance and preserve my legacy of scores and recordings as well as the works of my late husband, Guido Sinclair, jazz saxophonist and composer. During the 6'22” presentation, you will hear clips of 4 of my compositions as well as “The Squirrel” as background music to my slide show. The Squirrel is a composition based on a lead sheet composed by Guido and was recorded by Dorothy Martirano-violin, Paul Martin Zonn-clarinet, Shirley Blankenship-piano and David Billman-percussion. The slideshow is intended to give an overview of my life as a harpist, pianist, violinist, arranger and composer. As the first woman to receive a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in composition from the University of Illinois, I wish to inspire other women to pursue their artistic passions. Please share this link and information with anyone who may desire to share my joy by participating in this process. Thank you!.

Without music, (my) life would be a mistake.” Nietzsche

Enjoy the Show!

The clock is ticking!

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