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Here's Shifting Tones II for Piano I did some time ago, hope it relaxes you!


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Hi Michael, is there a score for this you can share? - Gav


Beautifully touching, relaxing easy listening music...done really well:)

Speaking from the viewpoint of common practices, I can see possible problems with the length of it, and actually wished for cadences which would stop and divide the piece into smaller pieces, for example, a suite..

I tried 2-3 times to make it all the way thru, as you intended for it to be listened to, but couldnt--but that might just be me.

Just listening to it with stops and splitting it into sections, worked so much better--again,  for me-- and I keep wondering if you possibly might have been trying intentionally to avoid this having  a bunch of smaller pieces, and tried to make it into one long one..

Again, beautiful touching music which I enjoyed very much, and thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks Bob

Very well done Michael, this is enjoyable music.  Like Bob M. I feel it is too long, or maybe just too uniform to hold my attention for the duration. You have dynamics and phrasing changes but no tempo or textural changes that I was able to find.

I'm wondering if you really want us to critique and analyze, (the category you posted in). You aren't answering our comments, maybe you are just promoting your product, which we all do of course.

If you do really want dialog, please post a shorter piece with a score and take the time to answer our comments.

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