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I graduated from college majoring in music back in 2005 where the highlight was the completion of my senior composition recital where I had the pleasure of hearing my music performed by my peers and even my professors. The most important thing that I got from school was not what I learned but the relationships I established with fellow musicians that I make music for to this day. Since then I have treated every year like I was going to perform a composition recital and it has seemed to have helped over the years. My new goals tend to start in the summer around June and finish by next May instead of starting in January. I thought I would share some of my goals since June and if you would like please share yours.

1. Performance goals on cornet and flugelhorn: August recital, November recital featuring English music, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter performances, March recital featuring German music, and playing in the pit for 2 theatre productions.
2. Arrange Bach's "Fantasia in G," "Amazing Grace," and "Also Sprach Zarathustra" for trumpet (cornet and flugelhorn) and organ.
3. Finally complete trumpet concerto after 2 years, get it performed, and recorded, and arrange 6th movement for soprano and trumpet featuring Dr. Bill Jones for the International Brass Chamber Conference.
4. Build a website.
5. Write flute piece accompanied by celesta, music box, or electronic media for Dr. Nancy Sheeloch-Bingham.
6. Goals that I have already accomplished since June: rewrote Alma Maters for 2 schools including arrangements for their choruses and bands, wrote a brass quintet piece called "In the Heart of Our Home" that was performed by 2 professional brass quintets on July 4th, Independence Day, had some of my sheet music sponsored to be presented in my hometown's art gallery located in the local public library, was interviewed by the papers on composing music for this past Independence Day, and commissioned a new cornet build that has not been seen since the American Civil War which will be gold-plated, copper based 100 year-old Boosey's shepherd's crook bell with rotary valves, a tunable lead pipe like a flugelhorn, triggers on both 1st and 3rd valves, with a custom and vintage mouthpiece.
7. Other goals, maybe purchase a vintage Eb Alto Horn (aka Tenor Horn.)

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Hi Rodney, 

Them’s some good goals! Perhaps you can share one the performances or a computer sound file so we can hear one of the results. All I got out of college was a lot of useless knowledge about the Middle East; as far as I know everyone I encountered was too grumpy to be of much help musically, unless I decide to write a quartet for untuned Kalashnikovs as a way to sneak some of them into the region. As a non-pro composer who spends most of my non musical time buying cat-food, I only have one goal this year, part of which is done. My goal is to take a stab at writing some traditional classical music to be sold. The first piece has already been composed, for solo French Horn, in three parts. I believe you and I had a lengthy conversation about part one at one point in the past. Well, I added two more parts and it was presented here in its entirety in an earlier post in this forum, and published at LKR sheet music dot com, where it recently sold one copy (yay!). Working on more for LKR, specifically a duo for flute, and then I am going to try a string quartet!



Hi Rodney and Gav (and all others who reply) --

HUGE Congrats on all realized goals, and most sincere best wishes to successfully complete all new ones!

Please keep us posted:)

Thanks Bob

If you're going to get anywhere you have to have a plan, but all my plans are on hold for the moment. I can't get this new Finale to work on my computer.  After two weeks of bumbling the folks at Finale can't figure it out.  This is the longest hiatus I have had from composing in four years.

      My goals are more modest than Rodney's.  For tomorrow my goal is to compose just one note of music.  That would be a triumph, considering.  Otherwise, I've decided to continue with the epic sounding symphony and possibly use music from it as background in the next opera/musical (kill two birds with one stone.)  More likely I just can't make up my mind.  Sometimes things happen by happenstance (God's plan).

For many, this is the very best place to get Finale questions answered:

I hope it helps, Lawrence:)

Thanks Bob

PS just to be sure--the very best first move when troubleshooting computer problens, is to shut it all down for a few minutes then restart it..

Bob Morabito said:

For many, this is the very best place to get Finale questions answered:

I hope it helps, Lawrence:)

Thanks Bob

Hi All,

I agree its great to have goals - helps focus our energy in the right areas imo - I just got done with a feature film that took about 3 years that i did music and production management for (released in theaters in India on July 6) yay! That was a ton of work managing 300 people while writing 2 songs and 90 min of background score, but a lot of fun and fantastic learning experience. If anyone is interested, the bg tracks are here (along with other personal comps):

Goals this year would be to get a second film or an animated show green lit so I can write off the next 2 years of my life and finish my personal short stories album. Its a collection of sound track like pieces - want to get to 6 or 7. I have 4 so far (you have heard a few from it - aftermath & patxis ghost). 


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