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Here's a short demo piece I wrote for a septet of 







Double Bass

I used the solo instruments from VSL Special Edition Vol 1.

Sequenced in Logic.

I think the legato violins could be better but the bassoon and clarinet are pretty convincing.

The full instruments are obviously more versatile but the cut-down versions for the 'special edition' are a good starting point.

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Thanks Ray,

I may actually get a friend to play real violin and viola on it and my niece plays clarinet so I could do a hybrid version.

I suspect that it may show up the virtual instruments though.

While I'm here, and although not relevant to this piece, I am finding it quite hard to integrate CS2 with VSL SE because of the reverb that is present even in the CS close mic only setting. Do you have a solution? Maybe I'll have to make a reverb in my DAW to sound like the CS one so it sounds like all the instruments are in the same environment.



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