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Just putting this out there, after months of writers block, this came out in 4 days...

Enjoy :)

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Can we a score as well?

afraid not Adrian, as you might know the score function in Cubase is horrendous - so this is for ears only - as most music is wont to be.

Maybe we could get a MIDI file for those with a good score editor...?

All in all a very nice piece.  In my humble opinion, it reminds me of film music.

I like the tritone theme that occurs right after the introduction, and the ways in which it is used. Maybe you could consider adding more to this piece and making it longer?  Just a suggestion.  

Yeah it's the opening sequence to a video game, so not far off film music requirements. I'm working on a few other themes, I'll have to integrate them later on. Thanks :)

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