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Hey everyone,

This weekend, as part of a contest in my college, I created the score and the sound-design for a scene from the open movie "Sintel". It's my first try at sound-design and my almost first try at scoring but I've done my best. All the sounds, except the cackle and the ambiance, have been recorded in my small student room and everything has been composed/edited on my laptop with Reaper and medium range headphones. The instruments are all from Abion except the harp and the triangle from EWQLSO.

Here is a revision, with a slightly more detailed sound-design than what I submitted:

Any comment (especially on what is not working) is welcome!

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IMO the music is well-timed to the visuals and is appropriately matched in mood. Good job!

Thanks all. I agree with you Raymond, it's really generic but there are two reasons for that: the first is the movie itself. It's a very generic clip with no context, so anything too "original" will sound off (I tried, I did 88 takes of piano recording before choosing my favorite one) and it comes from a short film, meaning that each scene is needs many sync points and is much shorter than in a feature movie, which allows less development. The second reason is that it's my first real try at film scoring and with such a tight schedule it was difficult to develop more advanced concepts. But I agree with you, it's terribly "standard".

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