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Hi everyone! I'm Liz, and I've just (re-)started composing in my spare time after discovering MuseScore. I have some background, having majored in music at Michigan (LS&A degree, not School of Music) as an undergraduate in the 1970s (there, I've dated myself!), but I'm strictly an amateur musician. As a student I wrote a number of short pieces for small ensembles but had a lot of trouble getting them played (mostly due to being too shy). When I graduated I lost contact with the performing community altogether and gave up composing. I then went into a STEM field (physics) which is now my day job. But I've always had a passion for music and wanted to get back into it. So here I am! I'm looking forward to sharing some of what I've written, and listening to and learning from the experienced folks here.

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Nice to meet you, Liz, and welcome. Ensemble pieces are useful training for a young composer tasked with preparing their work, it makes sure they know what they composed and gradually learn how to persuade musicians to play it! True, it's difficult if you're shy. One has to be respectful toward players especially if hoping they'll play without charge. It was ok at college but now in the real world....?!

I look forward to listening to your work. So you use notation software? I've thought about musiscore for printing but have never been happy about it's renderings. I too am an amateur but seize any chance at public performance, recorded (rendered) or otherwise and haven't grumbled at the few times I've been offered some money!

Cheers, Dane.

Thanks for the welcome Dane! Yes, I use MuseScore because it is free, and because the MIDI playback, with all of its obvious limitations, helps me to hear complex harmonies that my inner ear just isn't good enough to accurately imagine. What do you use? Listening to a string quartet of yours that you posted last year, I'm surprised to learn you're an amateur like me. That sounded like a real performance, unless your computer rendition equipment is much better than mine.

Yes, the idea of approaching professional musicians to ask them to play something is daunting. I'm at a small college now, no real music department, no contacts at the nearest symphony orchestra (which is about 50 miles away) much less a professional string quartet. I definitely need to get out more...

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