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I'd appreciate any feedback on this piece. It's four movements (still untitled). The first two movements are pretty organically written. The third movement is derived from the previous two. I basically analyzed them and wrote a rondo based on deconstructing the pitch class sets and harmonies. The fourth movement was constructed with quite a bit of Fibonacci Sequence utilized rhythmically.

Sorry about the C Score for you sticklers. The mixes are rough. I have an engineer with better ears making the finals.


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I like this piece, very imaginative. Like the harmonic language and melodies used. Its written very idiomatically for the instruments. 

Only criticisms I have is that at times it can sound too busy, like at measure 30-ish in movement two. It gets too busy and covers up the main theme. Other critic is that their was sometimes a sense that I was listening to material that really didnt belong or felt like filler. Sometimes it was a entire section that felt out of place, but most of the time it was a transition that seem to go on longer than it felt like it should have. 

Other than that, its a great piece good job. 

Thanks, Tyler. I think a little more attention to the dynamics and balance by the players would have helped that second movement. Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.


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