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Samsara (Title not Definitive) - Movement For Orchestra and Percussions

Hi !

My name is Michel-ange MERINO.

As i've just finished writing a Movement for Orchestra, i thought i could share it with you to have your thoughts.

It's a movement with four Subjects:

An Ascending-Descending scale on Violins, Woodwinds and Percussions (Money, Capitalism)

A Descending Scale on Violins and Trombones (Alienation)

A repetitive phrase on Horns (People's Complaints)

A Conquerant and a Death theme on Trumpets.

I Mock-up it with Sound Banks but it was written as if it was on paper, and now i must do the transcription :0 ! And Record with an orchestra (Not sure of that last part) !

Thanks !!

Michel-ange MERINO

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This is great, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Beautiful harmonic language and bristling with good inventive ideas and colourful scoring. Nice to hear decent samples that are available being used and mixed properly. To my ears, the music is reminiscent of Michael Daughertys' Metropolis Symphony and all the better for it. If you don't know that piece, I can almost guarantee you'd like it.

Great job...


Enjoyed it, some very nice harmony and I agree the samples are very good, you could probably fool quite a few people into thinking it was real. 

Is this a stand alone piece or part of something larger?


Thanks for your kind comments. I hope i'll find the money to record it with a large orchestra, and i hope it will sound ok, now it's time to put it on paper !!!

@Mike Hewer - Thanks, I'm listening to it right now, and yes, i love it, thanks, i didn't knew this composer !

@Alex Oliver Cawley - This is only one movement of a bigger project, i will split it in two i think, but i must admit composing and writing is hard and takes you a lot of time and energy ! At least for me ! The more i compose, the more i care about details, and it can be endless... And composing on a computer DAW is not the best workflow compare to notation software or paper... So maybe i'll take the path, or maybe i'm not ready, difficult, mentally and financially ... :)

For the samples, yes, they are good ! But i admit spent a lot of time thinking and tweaking my workflow to Mock-up, as i worked with a film composer and was his Editor/ Assistant !

For harmonies:

I like to mix some phrases in canon, contrapuntal, to create some unexpected encounters, and tend to work more and more with harmonizing melodies regardless of "traditional" tonal harmonization techniques, but i like that too !! And i love, but love !! harmonizing with extensions in a "Jazz Big Band Arranging style" on strings... a caprice... I love poly chords too, and projected chords, Ohhh so many things we have in our hands for composing...

One more question... the very end of the piece is a mixture of some different techniques on strings, woods and brass, and i really liked the result, do you think it ends to early, shall i continue with that ?

I you have the time to answer, Thanks 

If not, thanks anyway !!

Michel-ange MERINO

Anyway, thanks !

Michel-ange MERINO

Hi Michel,

Had another listen and love it even more. The mix is terrific, I love the sense of space, what reverbs/spatial positioning did you use?

As to the music, it is wonderful and I hope you post the rest when finished. Are you a fan of Dutilleux? 

You ask if the piece should be extended, I say no, as it feels just right the way it ends and it also feels emotionally like preparation for a new movement.

Thanks Mike ! I wasn't sure about the end... And thanks again for Michael Daugherty's work, thumbs up !

And yes ! I'm a Biiiiiig Fan of Dutilleux's Works.

Ok, some insight in my process:

All samples come from an external PC connected via Ethernet to my Imac and Cubase with Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.

All positioning are made by panning the instruments in order to respect the orchestra seating, and my reverb come from Slate Digital Everything Bundle and it's called "Verbsuite". To help positioning i adjust the Pre-Delay with a plug-in called Virtual Sound Stage from Parallax Audio, it helps, sometimes i like it, sometimes not... 

I adjust the volume of instruments in Cubase and add some space by playing with all Pre/post fader sends, example:

I recently put my sends on Pre-fader for the Brass and Woodwinds group, it helps to have them more "in the back" of my Digital stage.

Well, i hope you'll find something interesting for you in my process !

Anyway, thank you, and i hope i'll find time and energy to write another movement !

Michel-ange MERINO.

Interesting, I'll look up the Parallax plug-in.

I too use VEPro but although I have v6, am still on v5 because I'm in the middle of something and don't want to change versions, especially as it was very buggy initially. I mainly use MIR pro for positioning and either the Miracle reverb or an outboard reverb by TC Electronic for unifying. At the moment though I'm into Spitfire sound and am working at incorporating the AIR studio space with VSLs' Mir pro.

I too am a big fan of Dutilleux- his chord clusters and general harmonic practice is just gorgeous, he is very jazz like in places, I see why you like him. I am into his cello concerto at the moment, mainly because I have just written one.

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