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Here's a light hearted dance in the Rumba style for three celli. This is an arragement of a piece originally written for six hands piano.

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Hello Christophe,

What you have here is quite pleasant. It does feel to me somewhat unfinished - needs another part? More structure? (comes across as a single-chord improv) More of an ending than just the fade? Not sure, but I bet you could take this one further. Production values are quite nice!

Thanks for sharing!


 I agree with Gav here. It is a pleasant and a nice production. Good use of cello string plucks in the beginning which carries as an arpeggio throughout.

If this is a dance maybe percussion could help give it some more energy? I'm imagining myself attempting to dance to it.OK scratch that thought.

this piece is actually an interlude for a larger piece originally for piano six hands. the first mouvment was a graphic score and the third used avery notation devices except pitches.

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