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Members were asked to submit a composition in the Romantic style. 5 members participated. Please listen to all and use the survey to vote on the 3 you think best. Voting ends on January 4 at midnight EST. Thanks to all who participated in the contest!


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I am disappointed we have not heard from two of the entrants, including the winner, Cameron McFadden. This seems unusual since he seemed to be pretty active before the contest. Is anyone in contact with him to know if he is okay?

The account for the other contestant, Andrew Gliebman, seems to have been deleted. I would have liked to hear his compositional process also.

Cool about Andrew... I must have entered something wrong when I searched in the "members" spot. Maybe he'll still post back in this thread.

I am alive and well thanks but awfully busy with my 2nd (1st?) profession to participate actively in these great discussions -- only reading sometimes here and there...

Hi all,

Sorry for the long silence, I've been out of the country, just got back yesterday, just read the forum now. 

I am surprised and honored to be the winner, I did not expect it. (I've consistently placed last in the other contests here!)

I will post again in a day or two after I have listened to all the pieces, and read and reply to your comments.

Thank you all of you for listening to my piece.

Okay, I've posted another jpg of this piece on my MyPage, this time using a sound font called Fluid, it sounds better to me, although the Bass seems to be too strong.  Let me know what you think. The earlier file was with a font called Merlin Audigy. 

I tried to keep the harmony very conventional, not much beyond 7ths and diminished 7ths.   The dim 7ths seemed to give it a Romantic Period sound.  I tried to stay away from contrapuntal voicing etc, I tried to sit on certain harmonies by just doing arpeggios.   Some people commented on the coda.  I felt I needed to end it, but it just wasn't dramatic enough, so I kept adding to it.  I feel like I didn't really get a Romantic Period feeling in the piece.  I stayed away from more complex ensemble, orchestration etc, that's too big of a can of worms for me!   Easier for me to write for strings.  I added the Bass as an after thought, again trying to make it more dramatic.

  I think that the other entries in the contest caught the mood of Romanticism, were more expressive, much better than my piece, but they all sounded quite modern.  It's a challenge for each of us to not write in our own personal style. 

Thank you everyone for listening and commenting.

Just a quick note to the entrants - there were two pieces which were too large for me to post here, which I put on my own personal YouTube page. I will be deleting them soon. Thanks again to all who entered the contest!

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