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The "Romantic Music" contest starts today. The goal is to write a piece in the Romantic style, of between 2-8 minutes duration. The instrumentation choice is the composer's. The deadline date is December 20 at 5 pm EST. Please create mp3 of composition, along with a PDF if possible. If you do provide a PDF, it should not have your name anywhere in it. Judging will be done by the members of this site. When you have your entry ready, "friend" me if we are not already friends and I will supply an e-mail address you can send your entry to. The contestants are: Bob Porter, Cameron McFadden, Andrew Gliebman, David Stowell, Will Blackburn. I saw some other people participating in the conversation about this contest, if they or anyone else wants to hop on board, it's not too late, just reply to this thread! Ready, Set, Go!

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I'm in!

Ok Duc! We know have 6 total composers participating

Count me in.

Ok! We're up to 7 total composers! Going to be a great contest!

Oo! I shall have a crack at this, if its still okay to put my foot in the door?

Sure Jamie, you're in. We're up to 8 composers now!

Thank you! I will be handing my entry a bit close to the deadline just as a heads up, as I have other competition pieces I have already started and need to be finished.

1 week has passed. There are 7 weeks remaining in this contest.

3 weeks have passed. There are 5 weeks remaining in this contest.

Thanks to those who have already sent in their entries! There are 24 days remaining in this contest.

I am in.


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