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Hi! This composition was created by my QGen2 algorithm. 

Western Train Suite consists of 7 short parts: Magic, Fast, Slow, Fast, Dissonating, Slow, Magic. The whole piece was created with one single pass. I would be very glad to hear some criticism and feedback from you! - Western Train Suite.mp3

Sheet music is here. P means pause.

Here you can read about the algorithm:

I am currently thinking of developing the algorithm and writing a new one, if you are interested to participate, please contact me!

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Nice algorithm. Sounds good - that is it mimics a true improvising pianist very well. Some parts are even human.

What are the limitations? Are there any fractal elements involved in any part of the conception? (I just skimmed through your page on the algo)

Show me the 6 fingered pianist with a hand-span twice that of Rachmaninoff you've been hiding

Thank you for comments.

Per-Erik, currently the algorithm is more of a statistical state-machine and expert system. No fractals are used.

Vivaldi, I did not implement hand limitations for real player so far, because it is not easy to detect some difficult situations. But I hope that this is playable with two hands with or without minor corrections by the performer himself. Sheet music should also be optimized for live playing, introducing two staves, some 8va/8vb and tempo indications. It will be done easily if the performer, who wants to play it, appears.

Hello, Kristofer! Yes, I am very dangerous! :)

I attached the sheet music file for you. Can you listen to mp3 without problems?

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