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 A recent composition. Score attached. Comments welcome.

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Very pretty music here Tim, well written and recorded.  Thank you for providing a score also, that's always appreciated, and it looks like it's at concert pitch which helps too for those of us not quick with transposing, lots of ledger lines though. My only suggestion would be to possibly have a bit of variation in texture and dynamics. It's only three minutes but you don't modulate or vary the levels very much. Some of that might help the impact.  Good work!

Very soothing track, Tim, nicely played and balanced. I liked the slight rallentando at the end. It's a lazy, warm spring day here and I let myself float in this piece. 

Are you sure you're not using a flute preset instead of a piccolo? A piccolo is a transposing instrument, so the part as written is *extremely* high and loud and strident.

And could you quantize the score before you render it?

The music is not bad. Friendly, soothing.

Thank you Ingo for listening and commenting. I changed the dynamics slightly between instruments, Probably not very noticed.I did not modulate as much on this as I probably should have.That's the one thing in hindsight I wish I had done more of.

Hi Dane, Glad the weather there is better.I think you were over due for something nice there.Thanks for your comments. This music certainly needs context. I'm glad you gave it one. Oh I sent you a friend request. I wanted to ask you something in PM but can't unless you add me as a friend.

Victor. The fingerings used for the piccolo looked to be routed to the range of that instrument. Since I don't play flute I guess I don't know if it's correct. My instruments might be mixed up in the way they are labeled and it could in fact, be a flute and not a piccolo. I will reexamine this and thanks. 

If I quantize I like to render as a loose quantization to avoid robotic sounding music. In this case, no I didn't quantize at all. I guess that doesn't work so well for sheet music though. Thanks for the suggestion. As a flutist, have you seen those PVC flutes? I though that looked like an interesting project.

Since this music works best with a context I decided to mate it to a simple video. I thought is worked better with some kind of relevance. I'll attempt to embed the video here-

Hi, Tim,

Oh I sent you a friend request. I wanted to ask you something in PM but can't unless you add me as a friend.

I'll attend to that at once. Yes, the oddities of the messaging system here. One has to learn the secret handshake before exchanging words!

(I should be back on later today....a few admin things to do...)


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