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Dear members

here's a piece where I tried to integrate the chromatic scale a litlle more tah I ususally do.

I would be honoured to have your feedback

Have a good one,


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This is a very nice string ensemble composition. I like the inter relationship between parts. I would only say that it seemed the violin played by itself too much. Such as the place at around :23 and similar. Would have sounded better In my opinion if the viola and cell played too, maybe in chromatic as well. Very nice feel to this.  I liked it!

Hi Thim

Thank you for the feed back and glad you liked it.

I totaly agree on the violin playing by itself for too long. The piece is really an arrangement of a solo violin piece.

I decided a few mounths ago to write something every day. So the today piece, let's jus say it was a bit of a lazy day.

here is the solo version for comparasion

Those fast traits where too much for me today

thank you again for the feed back


Timothy has a good point about violin soloing a lot but I didn't really notice that when I listened.  I liked this and I liked your use of the chromatic scale which I find awkward to work with when I try to use it.  My only quibble is the abruptness of the ending. So I guess you could extend this with some chromatic counterpoint?

Dear Thim and Ingo.

I took your remarks into considerations. So here it is, with les solo violin and a less aburpt ending.

I wanted to keep an open ending though.

Again thanks for the great feed back

Be well


I like this one a lot Christophe. 

Glad you like it, Thim!

Nice one, Chrostophe!

I like your particular slant on 'chromaticism' emerging as some interesting sequences, added chord notes and melodic progressions; likewise the unusual rhythm(s). These are winning features to me! I also liked the close that's sort of left hanging. At the volume and tempo the scoring sounds fine.

The only problem I had, and it's very slight, is the literally chromatic progression played pizzicato by (probably) the viola or maybe cello at 8" and 12" (and later, also in the recap). Compared with the rest it comes over rather trite but if it's what you want, then so be it - just my view. Otherwise a very listenable work.

(I listened to the second version and quite honestly, either are fine. I had no trouble with the solo vn. Imagining it performed, the violinist would be the focus of attention during such passages and may take the opportunity to show off even if subtly, not needing the extravagant gestures of a demanding passage.  

Thanks for the great feed back

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