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Hi. Some of you probably know that I'm presently trying to prepare my symphony on Finale, ready for dispatch. However, it can be a real brain fryer at times, so I often take the day off, like today (as it's the weekend) and compose. I've recently started a full Requiem Mass. I would like to know what you think of the first five minutes of it.

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Hi Kris,

You're not alone in your opinion about the percussion. I'm taking it out, but I'm leaving the timps in.

Kristofer Emerig said:
All in all, it's beautiful work Simon, with some signature Godden harmonic trajectories which are becoming recognizable to me as a cogent and unique style. Honestly, some of the percussion felt intrusive to me, but I'm not sure why. It might be that I don't like percussion in general, or the manner in which it is mixed or produced in this instance. Anyway, I don't want it to sound as though I don't like the work - I do, and the thoughts on the percussion are probably more concerned with my personal taste than your composition's merit.
Is that you Craig? Where have you been?

soundwrx said:
Hi Simon,
It's been quite a while but I finally got over here to listen to your 'Requiem(so far)'.
The mood and overall atmosphere of the piece is beautifully rendered. I feel the choral sections as they sit so well in the mix and I particularly like how the music is pushed along with its sympathetic pulse in the pizzicato bass, simple but effective. I found the balance in the dissonance at times a little jarring and wondered where the Beethoven(esque) string fragments came from but once introduced they really worked well for me.

I really enjoyed the mes-en-scene created by the music theatre of your Requiem.

Thanks for the share.

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