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Hello members,

Some users are reporting difficulty using the Editor. At present there is no solution other than to clear your browser's cache or switch to another browser. If you are having any problems, please report them here. Please include a description of the problem and when you first noticed it happening. If you have any of the following information to add, would be helpful:

Hardware: (examples: PC, Mac)

Type of computer: (examples: Desktop, Laptop, Pad, Phone)

Operating System: (examples: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Browser: (examples: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)

Browser version:

Screenshots showing the problem:


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Thanks Dane, I do know that the original post can always be edited

Also can't edit.

Laptop, W10, Chrome, At&t wireless, 

I haven't tried lately, but I don't think I can post an mp3 either. So much easier than an external link.

This thread will be shared with Ning on 2/22/19

I see there has been a ‘fix’ but my experience is worsening.....messages and replies being double editing facility etc.


Sometimes when I make a comment on another’s post, the comment shows up twice. Neither version of my comment is editable or deleteable

Update: Ning has acknowledged there is still a problem and is working to fix it

Hey, good morning folks.

The edit and quote now work on my computer. Thanks for getting it sorted.

Edit: Cheers!

Glad to hear it, thanks for letting us know Dane

All, if you have been experiencing editor problems and they are now fixed, please report here - 

I haven't heard any reports lately of editor problems. I'm going to assume that things are working now unless I hear back from members -

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