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Hello members,

Some users are reporting difficulty using the Editor. If you are having any problems, please report them here. Please including a description of the problem and when you first noticed it happening. If you have any of the following information to add, would be helpful:

Hardware: (examples: PC, Mac)

Type of computer: (examples: Desktop, Laptop, Pad, Phone)

Operating System: (examples: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Browser: (examples: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)

Browser version:

Screenshots showing the problem:


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I can't add a screenshot because the editor is having problems. Just a white box without functionality and an "add reply" button underneath.

Mac Pro, 2010, OS10.8.5, Firefox 48.0.2
Yes, the editor problem continues Gav, as I described it to you in our private exchange.
I don’t have the same problem in other boards that I visit (although most of them are phpBB), but just now:
I just signed in, posted in Bob's thread, where the editor was available and fully functional, and now as I'm writing this (second) post of the day, the editor disappeared again and looks as described above by Dave.
Very temperamental.
Sorry, I forgot, I use a HP laptop under windows 10 and Firefox Browser, although the problem is the same with Microsoft Edge also.

Thanks Dave and Socrates,

Others, if you are having problems, please report them here, I am sharing Dave's and Socrates' information with Ning and the more information I have, the better

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