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Hi Everyone,

UPDATE: I recently recorded real cello on Reflections Part 2 so listen if you get a chance.

I recently completed a series of 4 pieces all entitled Reflections. The piece is scored for 2 pianos, Vibraphone and String Section. I would love to know what everyone thinks.

Reflections (part 1) Stream - Download
Reflections (part 2) Stream - Download
Reflections (part 3) Stream - Download
Reflections (part 4) Stream - Download

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Thanks M. - those are nice reactions to my piece. Thanks for taking the time to listen.
I had a listen to these pieces. They are effective and evocative minatures with interesting textures a similar plainitive mood in each.

I really am not sure what genre you are aiming for. If the pieces, particularly the first two, came under the "minimalist" category (or at least the minimalist influence), they would be good examples. I say this because what they don't do is change key or develop in quite the way you would expect most classical music to - but perhaps that hypnotic repetition that reinforces a fixed mood is exactly what you were aiming for.
I'm not aiming for a genre - I try to avoid genres as I don't find them entirely helpful - a post-modern malaise if you will and really just a way of organising record shops anyway. I'm not even trying to write classical music. I'm just trying to write entertaining music for 2 pianos, strings and vibraphone on an apple mac. Thanks for listening. :)
Thanks Janne, I'm pleased you like the pieces. I hope I don't have to play those arpeggios - they look a bit tricky!

Thanks for your comments.
Well then I think you were successful.

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