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I posted the rough draft of this song a while back. Here is the finished product, it's a mixture of abstract electronic and film music.

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Hi Ben,

I thought that the effects were very appropriate, given the theme. When I think of "Reanimated Bones," I think of the eerie. The only thing that I was concerned with was the lack of tonal quality (musical notes). I think that some bass or treble arpeggios would really seal this piece together.

Thanks for the feedback! I messed around with that idea at first, but didn't end up with anything that satisfied me. I found that the less atonal the A section was, the less effective of a change the B section became. The title is referring to the latter, which by the driving melody represents skeletons coming back to life and dancing around. In this piece melody=life, so I tried making the A section as lifeless as possible. There probably could be a way to incorporate some sort of arpeggios sprinkled throughout it, though. Maybe I'll go back and tinker around some more. Thanks again.

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