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I am glad to introduce you to my new project: creating EDM-like music using only real orchestra instruments and real orchestra effects without any sound processing except for equalizing, reverb and limiting.

This is the first track in House style.

I used several new ideas like violin groups alternation, wavy violins playing, echo emulation by changing instrument, opposite hairpins to create timbre changes resembling LPF/HPF, string effects...

I would be very glad to hear your opinions about the music and sound, especially criticism. Thank you in advance and have a good listen!

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I really like this and now i want to try something like it.  It's a fun concept.  I liked the ways you did the echo.  You said you were trying to use minimal sound processing, but would a transient shaper be cheating?  It could make the 'kick drum' a bit more punchy, but mite not be true to the spirit of the project.  

The goal is to make the score playable live, so that the result can be reproduced by the real orchestra live. This is why I do not use any transient processing, side chains and filters :)

That makes sense.  Nice work and hopefully soon we can hear it played by a live orchestra.

Thanks. Although I am not sure that I can have a live orchestra recording soon.

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