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Here is my current set up:

2005 PowerMac G5

2.5 Ghz Quad Core processor

12Gb Ram

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MP Graphics Card

My question: Is it possible to run 3 monitors simultaneously with this set up? There are two outputs for monitors on the back: One is ADC which I have hooked to a 17" apple monitor.. the other is DVI which I have hooked to a 23" Dell monitor

Is there any way to add a 3rd monitor to this set up? Like a bridge device I'm not aware of?

I'm practicing scoring films, so I run the clip that I'm writing for on the apple monitor and use the other for my DAW and sound library.. I would like the 3rd monitor to keep my score editor up and running in so I don't have to flip back and forth. It REALLY become a pain when lots of little tweaks and micro-adjustments are involved.

Or maybe I'm simply asking too much?? :-) Nah...



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I know this is an old topic, but in case you still need advice...

Do you have an HDMI port? Perhaps with a splitter you could power multiple monitors through that. I would also suggest identical monitors to avoid any resolution or alignment issues. I have used a 22" to score/orchestrate and a 32" to view the video, but it was very difficult to use the larger screen to do split screen DAW work.

Your graphics card may need upgrading to run 3 screens at high resolution. Or you could try to find a USB-to-screen device, I know they exist the other way around.


I don't know if your mac has the right ports, but some of ATI and Nvidias new card have the ability to use 3 monitors. There are certainly several cheap cards around that will do that nowadays. However it does depend on whether your motherboard has the right connections.



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