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I know some of you use Notion, which seems to combine the best of the Sequencer and Notation worlds. I'm impressed with what I've heard, especially Tim Berringer's work. My question is, can I import my pieces I've done in Sonar, into Notion? Or would I have to re-enter everything? On that hinges my decision to purchase the software. It looks like a great deal, but if I have to start over, well, with several full-scale orchestral works to deal with, I may have to remain in Sonar Prison.

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Oooooo! Debate! Debate!

The Lonely Goat said:
The elitists without question are those who blindly dismiss composers for media as being some sort of lesser being in music.
Those like yourself.
I certainly am not elitist and consider myself no more than a hack. Someone never happy with my output and always striving to do better. Of course, to achieve this one must know what better is, one must listen more than be listened to. You obviously haven't done enough of that, because if you had you would know, many pro composers for media do not necessarily show their underlying talent in music creation in their published work. They do what they're asked to do. It's called a job.

But, before this gets too confrontational, I like your music and the only reason I'm addressing my comments to you is because you question mine. There are many many others on this site that should keep their heads down. Because they publish crap? No, because they really don't know the difference.

The goat

Tim Beringer said:

Funny, whenever I listen to Hans Zimmer's offerings, I hear crap. that what you wanted?

j/k, I don't listen to Hans Zimmer.

What is a masqerading composer?  Why are you comparing renderings done with literally 3 clicks of a mouse to professional productions which certainly use more than just Cubase to complete?  See, now you are sounding a tad elitist.

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