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This was an attempt to put the music to this short video.

It's not brilliant but it does show how music can dramatically change a video.

Spiritual Love (Lovers Theme Cue)

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I don't think it changes the video per se, it's more the absolutely huge Jurassic Park like sound that punches you straight in the nose when the lad gets down on his knees and proposes to the lucky gal. That's quite some production!


Thanks Colin, yeah that 'punch you straight in the nose' is the sort of idea I was trying to put across as that action in itself of getting down on one knee is a pretty huge move in life so hopefully the music states that.

Thanks for you review and sometimes I do manage to get the balance right in the mix and power I am going for :)

Well, I have to confess you're an excellent videographer as well as cinematic composer. I presume you used a drone for part of that. It came across ultra romantic to me, partly because the camera is never still. It's a technique I l love rather than sequences of stills and the way some videographers use "tricks" to try to make them interesting, like the Dutch tilt. Did they come to mind together? They certainly fit. Very nice.

Hi Keith,

It is effective and moving. Well done!


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