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So here is a new thing I'm trying to do something with. I hope it's OK.

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Good base for building on! Would love to hear ur progress as u add stuff :)


Hi Darlene,

There isn’t enough of this for me to comment on, can you post something longer?

Best -


Some very nice sounds here but I feel it needs a little more direction, as to where its going based on where its been.

Keep up the GOOD work!

Thanks Bob


Thank you.

I'm not really sure where to go from here.

@Gav Brown,

This is over two and a half minutes long. My friends have been able to say things about it. 

@ Bob Morabito.

I'm not sure I understand. I want to get better.

Hi Darlene, if you are looking for suggestions as to how to improve what is there, I would suggest trying to add another instrument at the time the initial chord progression resumes, or around :46. BTW, I didn’t offer this comment before because you placed your post in the Music Analysis and Critique forum, which is mostly for asking others to offer critique on what you present in a more general sense. If you post instead in the Suggestions Wanted/Open to Revision forum, you generally get a wider range of comments back on how the piece might be improved.

Best -


@ Gav Brown,

OK. But when I looked in that part, most of the posts were not actual music. Thanks for the idea about adding an instrument. 


As you post more music, it will be easier for us to comment. Each of us are very different both in what we want to say with our music and what we expect from other composers.

Your music, for example, would appear to be short and simple. But is it? Who's to say.

It sounds like the underscore to a tragic or heavy moment in an artsy movie. 

I'm new to composing--I know nothing; I'm still trying to learn how to read sheet music. I did enjoy this. I found it beautiful. Again, I got the feeling it was the underscore to a movie that was meant to be cinematic art. 

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