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This modern piece for piano of medium to high difficulty describes a weird dream. It's structure is ABAC+coda. I am very sorry I cannot add a wav file... too large. I'll add midi.

Part A (from the beginning to the first repeat bar) shouldn't be played as a very emotional part, but more as if it was incomprehensible feeling building up. The arpeggiated chords are going to be found throughout the piece, as well as the (triplets)/(two 1/4 notes or 4 1/8 notes) combinations. The end uses a descending scale to change to A major. Here starts part B.

Part B is the period of the dream where the action happens, and running and leaping among other feelings out of danger are described. The anxiety finishes going from B minor to C major, and the molto ritardando part starts changing to the original 3-flat key.

Part A is repeated.

Part C (after the end of the repeat of part A) symbolizes the most unexpected part of any dream. In this case, it is open to any ideas the listener can have, and the awkward cadences to Eb Major each 4 bars or so (to the chord with a fermata) represent the way the person who is dreaming this dream tries to understand with logic what is happening. As there is no reason for everything that has happened, the person of the dream suddenly knows that he is dreaming.

The syncope at the end and the final chord is the end of the dream.

EDIT: Ooops I forgot to add the link.

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I would appreciate any kind of constructive comments. Actually, this piece is quite unintentional after some stuttering with my piano. Thanks!

This sounds like a weird dream! I found it interesting and a cut above.

Thank you! In fact, everything I did was intentional, so I think that every note has more or less a function.

0:48 until somewhere around 1:15 was absolutely beautiful, very creative, haven't heard a rhythm like that before.

The rest wasn't bad, but just didn't sound as melodic to me, just my personal opinion.

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