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Hi Composers’ Forum members, as you know, the 4 elements are earth, air, fire, and water. For this proposed contest, you will write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes duration based on one of these elements. Any instrumentation, any style of music. If the contest is a go, I will give 3 months for interested composers to submit their entries to me, which I will then put up anonymously. Voting will be by the membership of this site. You can submit entries for more than one element. An MP3 or link to a soundcloud/youtube/etc will be necessary. A PDF of the score is highly desirable, but not required. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 composers need to express interest by Sunday, Jan. 21 at 5 pm EST. To express interest, reply to this thread or send me a message. Please indicate in your expression of interest what element or elements you think you might want to compose for (you can change this later). Please note that I do not need any music at this time, just an expression of interest. I have run these contests before, they are a lot of fun and a good way to get feedback about your music from your peers, hope you can join us!

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I'm in with... WATER, is ok? 

Great contest! I'll have a go at earth.

I am interested. If I have to limit myself to the 4 , possibly Fire. But I would actually choose ether :-)

Did you say something about a prize?

wish you a nice start in 2018

Juan María Solare

I've not been on here much but this has attracted my attention and I'd like to give it a go :)


Good to see a large take up on this Gavin

Happy New Year to all. Would like to enter - fire is my choice.

I would be interested in participating in this as well. Sounds like fun . . .

I would be interested in participating, however I compose within a DAW and don't really have the means or desire to produce a score- I would have to submit a hand written manuscript and with the likelihood of using electronic elements that would be more work than I would care to do.  How much of a penalty would there be for not submitting a score?

I'm in and I'll choose water. Thanks for setting this up.

What about an electroacoustic or electronic piece? Thanks in advance

Thanks Tyler, Kelly, Andrew, Vasco, Sid, Juan, Rob, Daniel, Clinton, Marc, Steven, and Frabrizio! We now have 52 entrants, with 14 commits to Water, 7 commits to Earth, 9 commits to Fire, 6 commits to Air, and the rest general commits. The commits can be changed at any time.

Hi Farbrizio, that's fine!

Fabrizio Festa said:

What about an electroacoustic or electronic piece? Thanks in advance

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