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Hi Composers’ Forum members, as you know, the 4 elements are earth, air, fire, and water. For this proposed contest, you will write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes duration based on one of these elements. Any instrumentation, any style of music. If the contest is a go, I will give 3 months for interested composers to submit their entries to me, which I will then put up anonymously. Voting will be by the membership of this site. You can submit entries for more than one element. An MP3 or link to a soundcloud/youtube/etc will be necessary. A PDF of the score is highly desirable, but not required. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 composers need to express interest by Sunday, Jan. 21 at 5 pm EST. To express interest, reply to this thread or send me a message. Please indicate in your expression of interest what element or elements you think you might want to compose for (you can change this later). Please note that I do not need any music at this time, just an expression of interest. I have run these contests before, they are a lot of fun and a good way to get feedback about your music from your peers, hope you can join us!

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My earth piece is coming along nicely, so I'd like to enter a fire one as well if that's okay. For the composition timeframe, anywhere from a month to three months from the entry deadline is fine with me.

From Clifford Lowe.

Yes, I am interested in the proposed competition, and plan to submit a SPRING piece. Thanks!

Thanks Sid, it is fine to add another piece

Sid Dellby said:

My earth piece is coming along nicely, so I'd like to enter a fire one as well if that's okay. For the composition timeframe, anywhere from a month to three months from the entry deadline is fine with me.

Hi Clifford, this is the 4. Elements, not the 4 Seasons. Still want to enter?

Clifford Lowe said:

From Clifford Lowe.

Yes, I am interested in the proposed competition, and plan to submit a SPRING piece. Thanks!

!!!!!!DEADLINE TO EXPRESS INTEREST in joining this contest IMMINENT!!!! Sunday, Jan 21st at 5 pm EST. You can express interest by posting on this thread that you want to join, and if you have any element or elements you want to write for, please share that as well. You can also send me a private mail expressing interest. Friend me if we are not already friends and I will accept. NOTE THAT NO MUSIC IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. After the contest deadline has passed, the contest begins. I will post the rules of the contest, along with a deadline to submit the music shortly after the deadline to express interest has passed.

Thanks, Gav!

   Sorry I used the classification SPRING in my previous offer.  I meant WATER as the classification.

My idea was to use a colorful spring fountain as my expression of water. Please correct my mistake.

Thanks! Clifford (Cliff) Lowe.. 

Ok Clifford, you’re in! 86!

Well, I'm interested.My element is: FIRE, best

Thanks Fabrizio! 87!

You are welcome, best

Gav Brown said:

Thanks Fabrizio! 87!

Hi all,

The deadline to express interest in joining this contest by Jan. 21st at 5 pm EST has passed and no more entries will be accepted. THIS THREAD IS NOW RESERVED FOR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS FROM CONTEST ENTRANTS, OTHERS PLEASE STAY OFF SO THAT THE ENTRANTS MAY GET CLEAR MESSAGING FROM ME, THANKS! (contact me privately if you have any questions)


Hi entrants,

The 4 Elements contest begins now. The deadline to submit your entry is April 21st at 5 pm EST. Note: there was an open question as to whether this deadline could be shortened. Since a number of entrants have expressed interest in the original timeframe of 3 months being allowed, it will stand.

A few notes about the contest:

1) The way to submit your entry begins by friending me on this site. if we are not already friends, send me a friend request and I will accept and reply with an e-mail address. If we are already friends, just send me a message requesting the address. All contest entries must go to that e-mail address, I WILL NOT ACCEPT ENTRIES SENT TO MY COMPOSERS’ FORUM ACCOUNT.

2) Every entrant will be assigned a number when I receive your entry. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE NUMBER I MENTIONED WHEN YOU EXPRESSED INTEREST IN JOINING THE CONTEST ON THIS THREAD and will only be assigned to you once you submit your entry.

3) Entries must include either a sound file in MP3 format, or a link to an online file such as Soundcloud, YouTube, etc., with MP3 being the preferred format. As stated in the Contest Proposal, the entry should not be longer than 2 minutes (a *few* seconds over that is OK). When submitting an MP3, please make sure it includes no personal information such as your name, etc. I realize this is not always possible with a link to an online file, just do the best you can. If you work with a notation program, a PDF of your score is highly desirable (and will get you more comments, based on past contests). If you submit a PDF, it should also not have any identifying information about you.

4) OPTIONAL: you can include a brief description of your piece or pieces along with you entry. If you do this, it should be no longer than this paragraph, and a separate description should be submitted for each element, if you are submitting for more than one.

5) NAMING: you can name your piece anything you want, it does not have to be named “Earth,” “Air,” “Fire,” or “Water.” Just identify to me when submitting your entry which element it represents.

6) HOW THE CONTEST WILL BE DONE: I will create a new thread once the deadline to submit your entry has passed, which will present the entries and allow for voting. There will be 4 separate contests, one for each element, and voting will be by the members of this site. Do not post your entry anywhere here while the contest is going on. After the contest is over, and the winners announced, that thread can be used for discussion of the contest for any who are interested. The discussion will be of indeterminate length, based on interest. At some point in that thread, I will indicate a time where free-posting of any of your entries is allowed, and from that point forward, you can post your entries independent of the contest if you like.

7) FOR THOSE SUBMITTING MORE THAN ONE ELEMENT: Please submit your entries to me all at once, do not send a separate mail for each element.

8) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PRE-SUBMITTED: A few people submitted entries already. I will be back-tracking through my notes about these and will be in contact with whomever sent them if I need additional information. IF YOU PRE-SUBMITTED YOUR ENTRY and you do not hear from me by 10 pm EST on Jan 21, assume I do not have your information and send it again.

!!!SPECIAL NOTE!!! - This is the largest contest ever run on this site, hooray!!! The largest number of entrants for past contests was 29, so we are at about 3 times that. Therefore, this contest represents a unique moment for Composers’ Forum. In honor of that, for the first time ever on this site, THERE WILL BE PRIZES for the winners. I don’t have details yet, watch for future announcements regarding this.

Further details about the contest will be released in future messages on this thread. It’s ok to ask questions in advance of that, I may not have the answers to all of your questions at this moment, but will reply to each one.

First entry is in, thanks! Element Count: Earth - 1, Air - 1, Fire - 0, Water - 1

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