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Hi Composers’ Forum members, as you know, the 4 elements are earth, air, fire, and water. For this proposed contest, you will write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes duration based on one of these elements. Any instrumentation, any style of music. If the contest is a go, I will give 3 months for interested composers to submit their entries to me, which I will then put up anonymously. Voting will be by the membership of this site. You can submit entries for more than one element. An MP3 or link to a soundcloud/youtube/etc will be necessary. A PDF of the score is highly desirable, but not required. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 composers need to express interest by Sunday, Jan. 21 at 5 pm EST. To express interest, reply to this thread or send me a message. Please indicate in your expression of interest what element or elements you think you might want to compose for (you can change this later). Please note that I do not need any music at this time, just an expression of interest. I have run these contests before, they are a lot of fun and a good way to get feedback about your music from your peers, hope you can join us!

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Thanks Daniel, you are our 82nd entry!

Thanks John, you are contestant 83!

This is a composers forum or at least so I thought . Why under 2 minutes , no development possible no variations . I don't get it ?

OK. Here is a hit song from 1958 that was approx 2 minutes: Lollipop by The Chordettes. 

2 minutes - it can do powerful things :) 

Hi Bob, I'm going to go with what Andrew said -

ALL: We have an 84th entry through e-mail!

ALL: Watch for an announcement on this thread soon!

My favourite song under 2 minutes: Box Tops "The Letter". 

Ok I surrender I'll watch what you guys come up with . For my self I don't feel I could develop anything interesting in that short a time frame I guess its just me . Regards all

DEADLINE TO EXPRESS INTEREST in joining this contest is Sunday, Jan 21st at 5 pm EST. You can express interest by posting on this thread that you want to join, and if you have any element or elements you want to write for, please share that as well. You can also send me a private mail expressing interest. Friend me if we are not already friends and I will accept. NOTE THAT NO MUSIC IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. After the contest deadline has passed, the contest begins. I will post the rules of the contest, along with a deadline to submit the music shortly after the deadline to express interest has passed.

Where in the world did all of these new people come from? I haven't been gone that long, have I? Are they participating in other topics on the forum as well, or are they just wanting to toot their own horn in the contests? Maybe a rule should be they need to have at least 10 or 20 comments in other threads before they can participate in a contest, because I'm seeing a lot of threads with little to none activity as it is. Maybe they all been here longer than I think they have though...

I strongly disagree with any posting requirement; I found a musician whose music would suit this contest. I told him about it and he joined . He is new to the forum. Yet he is genuine; the presumption that no posts = some sort of non genuine status is frankly absurd. 

I've been here for years, and would love to see the community actually grow, not just "members" who take advantage but never actually give anything back. A community is all about building relationships, not just what it can give you, but what you can give back.  

Well what is your point???????

I tell someone about this contest and they decide to join as a new forum member and commit. 

Isn't that growing a community? 

Or am I speaking to a fortune cookie? 

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