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Hi Composers’ Forum members, as you know, the 4 elements are earth, air, fire, and water. For this proposed contest, you will write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes duration based on one of these elements. Any instrumentation, any style of music. If the contest is a go, I will give 3 months for interested composers to submit their entries to me, which I will then put up anonymously. Voting will be by the membership of this site. You can submit entries for more than one element. An MP3 or link to a soundcloud/youtube/etc will be necessary. A PDF of the score is highly desirable, but not required. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 composers need to express interest by Sunday, Jan. 21 at 5 pm EST. To express interest, reply to this thread or send me a message. Please indicate in your expression of interest what element or elements you think you might want to compose for (you can change this later). Please note that I do not need any music at this time, just an expression of interest. I have run these contests before, they are a lot of fun and a good way to get feedback about your music from your peers, hope you can join us!

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A few seconds over is ok

andrew thornton said:

I have completed two entries for different elements. They both go over 2 minutes by a few seconds. Not in any way that gives me any advantage. But is this like high school where if you do your essay of 5000 words to 5001 words you get disqualified? Hope it's not that rectally legalistic. But have to ask; easy for me to fix if needed. The dilemma is that if I don't use all 2 mins allowed then that can also be frowned upon. 

It seems like a long period for 2 minutes.  I have completed all 4 in four days-which I will enter.

Hi Gary, there will be an opportunity for the entrants to vote on a lesser time frame as the deadline to express interest approaches

I would be interested!  I haven't been on this site for awhile, but have been thinking about getting back, so here's a great opportunity!

Thanks Emily, you are our 80th entrant!

I'm in, I will write a piece based on fire and water.

Thanks Ayden, you are our 81st entrant!

ALL: an announcement about the next phase of the contest will be coming in the next day or so. Please do not send me anything yet! For those of you who have, it’s ok, I will get back to you if I need anything additional. Deadline to express interest is Sun., Jan. 21st at 5 pm EST

Too Late!

The cat's out of the bag - we'll all be submitting videos!


Gav Brown said:

Clinton, the answer is yes, correct, just don't announce it anywhere here, let it be revealed as part of the contest -

Hello all, in 7 days the initial part of this contest, which is to get entrants, will end. We then move into the next phase, which is the time to compose the works. We need a timeframe for this. I have mentioned earlier on this thread a timeframe of 3 months, and some of you have said this is more time than is needed. So I will put the question before you - what timeframe do you want? Your choices are 1, 2, or 3 months. Just reply on this thread if you have an opinion. The deadline to sound off on the timeframe to compose is the same as the original deadline to express interest - Sun. Jan. 21st at 5 pm EST

I usually need more time, so 3 months is just fine with me.

I am fine with one or two months. Three seems excessive.

1 month.

That is 4 weeks.

Even if someone entered all 4 elements that leaves 2 minutes of music to make per week. 

The only kind of entrant who might have a case for longer is someone who does their own music with real physical drums, pianos etc. They might need time to get to their music studio to set up, play, process it etc. 

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