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Hello Colleagues,

I am proposing the following contest: "Imaginary Machines" - write a piece of music of no more than 3 minutes duration on the concept. You can come up with your own imaginary machine or write anything the name of the contest inspires you to. Any instrumentation. In order for the contest to be a go, at least 10 forum members must commit that they will enter the contest. Judging will be done by the members of this site. The deadline to express interest (but not to submit anything) is 5/5/19 at 5 PM EST. If the contest is a go, there will be about a two-month timeframe to submit your entry. You can express your commitment to join the contest by replying to this message with "I'm in," or you can send me a PM.



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Hi Gav

I'm in. Colin

I'm new here but I'll have a go (as long as it's ok to MISquote other composers).

even if just to bulk out the numbers! 

Sorry, Gav,

Your reply is a blank. Another reply to one of my posts (i.e. quoting me) is also blank.

I'll see what happens when I post this.

Ok, the edit works now at least. That disappeared earlier in the day.

Darn it. What I was saying is that we still need a few more sign ups for the contest to be a go. Deadline 5/5 at 5 pm EST

Interesting Title. I'll give it a go if you have enough entries.

Thanks Will, we now have 7 members entered!

All, 3 more are needed for the contest to be a go. Deadline 5/5 at 5 pm EST

I will do it!
I’m in.

Great Rodney! You're number 8!

All, 2 more are needed for the contest to be a go! Deadline 5/5 at 5 pm EST

I’m in

Thanks Jostein, you are #9!

All, 1 more is needed for the contest to be a go! Deadline 5/5 at 5 pm EST

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