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Colors - write a piece of up to two minutes duration on the theme of one of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, black, white. The piece can be in any style for any instrumentation. An MP3 or link to an outside service (e.g., Soundcloud, YouTube) is required. PDF is strongly suggested, but not required. An optional text describing the work of no more than 3 short sentences is suggested. Entries should be sent to me through this site. Deadline for entries is 1/3/21 at 5 pm EST.

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I am in

I have sent you a pdf score (Sweet Blues). Do you need an audio rendition of it?

Hi Ted and Niela, you are #1 and #2, 8  more composers have to commit in order for the contest to be a go. Niela, I have saved your score and removed it from the site as the contest will be voted on anonymously and the details about what to submit, how, and when haven't been released yet


Rainbow is permited? I comit.

Rainbow is fine Peter, I will put you down as #3. 7 more composers needed for the contest to be a go!

I'm in.

Ok Peri! You're #4, 6 more and the contest is a go!

I'm in :)

Coincidentally, one of my co-writers sent me words this morning that being: For every blade of green, green grass

Will this do?

If so, I'm in


I’m in.

Ok Ray, you are #5! Richard, that will do, you're #6! Thanks Tom, you are #7!. Three more needed for the contest to be a go!

I'm in if there's still a space!

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