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Colors - write a piece of up to two minutes duration on the theme of one of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, black, white. The piece can be in any style for any instrumentation. An MP3 or link to an outside service (e.g., Soundcloud, YouTube) is required. PDF is strongly suggested, but not required. An optional text describing the work of no more than 3 short sentences is suggested. Entries should be sent to me through this site. Deadline for entries is 1/3/21 at 5 pm EST.

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17 entries in, thanks! Deadline for entries is 1/3/21 at 5 pm EST.

The deadline for the contest has passed, and no more entries will be accepted. The contest will be posted in a separate thread later tonight, or possibly Monday - 

The pieces and voting are now in the Music Analysis and Critique Forum.

As always there is a fascinating variety of pieces, styles and...colours! Blue is a clear favourite, it seems.

Thanks again, Gavin, for making this possible!

Are we able to access the compositions?  Do you decide the winner or do we vote?

If there is a direct link to the compositions, I don't see it. How do we get to the

Music Analysis and Critique Forum?

Ah, when you click on "Forums", then it is the top one of the list (this forum, "Contests", you just wrote in is the second one, just below that)

Hi Niela, the decision is made by member vote -


Do you decide the winner or do we vote?


I must apologize. I meant to enter my piece into the contest but I ended up getting a scoring gig and I simply didn't have time to focus on the piece. However, I have now. Please keep me in the loop for future contests. I really do appreciate a community like this.

-Jim  BTW Happy New Year! 

Next time James! Cograts on the gig!

Can we have the results?

Hi Gav, could not find any other way of replying to you so I hope this is permissible.  I don't think the email came from you and also think it is a scam as I have read one other post quoting the same sort of thing.  I am afraid I deleted he email after your email.  Thanks, Kevin.

Hi Kevin, we had a spammer this week sending bogus messages to several members. The spammer was removed a couple of days ago, let me know if you have any future trouble -


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