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Hello members! Composers’ Forum is proposing the following contest - write a piece of music about an animal. The piece can be any instrumentation, any style, and should be of 2 minutes duration or less. If you are interested to join, reply to this thread indicating you would be interested in participating. In order for the contest to be a go, at least 8 composers must sign up. Please do not submit any entries at this point, just express your interest. Deadline to express interest (but *not* to submit an entry) is Oct. 7 at 5 pm EST!

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12th entry received, thank you! Deadline: 11/30/18 at 5 pm EST

13th entry is in, thank you! Deadline: 11/30/18 at 5 pm EST

The deadline has passed and no more entries will be accepted. The contest will soon be posted on a new thread. Thanks to all who entered, and good luck!

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