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Hello members! Composers’ Forum is proposing the following contest - write a piece of music about an animal. The piece can be any instrumentation, any style, and should be of 2 minutes duration or less. If you are interested to join, reply to this thread indicating you would be interested in participating. In order for the contest to be a go, at least 8 composers must sign up. Please do not submit any entries at this point, just express your interest. Deadline to express interest (but *not* to submit an entry) is Oct. 7 at 5 pm EST!

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Hi Edward, we have 13 so far!

I'm in.

Great George, you are our 14th entry!

Sounds like fun, i'm in. Hope more people join in.

Thanks Johannes, you are our 15th entrant!

I'm up for this ...if the proposal is going ahead .....

Hi Henry, it is going ahead! You’re our 16th entrant!

.... muy bien!

Deadline approaching to express interest in joining this contest!

I'm in.

Thanks Johan, you are the 17th sign-up!

Hi Gav, I'm finished my piece. How do I present it, recording, YouTube, or sheet music? Also, if I'd like can I submit more than one piece?

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