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For solo piano. A mixture of styles and sounds. Score attached. Comments and questions invited

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Nice mixture of modal scalic material and jazz/impressionistic harmony and rhythm, but nothing unexpected. (Not that it needs something unexpected),but I felt that it lacks the element of artistic modulation which perhaps to me is necessary but to you necessarily avoidable  :-)

By way of presentation, do you mean it as a scrolling score? It only gives me the initial two bars and does not move from that screen (?)

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Socrates,

Thanks for your comments, and yes, we all have different goals. Modulation is something I may look into in a future work. I'd create a scroller if I knew how to do it!


EXCELLENT work Gavin--I enjoyed this very much!

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Bob

Hell Bob and Roger,

Thanks for listening! Bob, glad you enjoyed it, thanks! Roger, yes I can play it. Sorry it didn't vibrate with you more!


Very impressive and enjoyable work Gav!  I liked the modulation and tempo change at 165-169 and the development of themes throughout, you have a great understanding of piano jazz.

I was wondering if you happened to know how this forum was able to come back on line?  I know we all appreciate that.

Thanks Ingo - that was a hard section to write because of the complete transition of the first half of the piece into a seemingly barely-related second half. Don't know anything about the forum coming back, sorry.

Thanks for listening,


That was a pretty nifty piece. You're very fond of fourths harmonies.... (In places it reminds me of Wakeman's Six Wives, but I'm sure he didn't invent the idiom either.)

And it made me wonder why the 3+3+2 rhythm is so ubiquitous among popular genres. Bossa, Latin, tons of pop music, .... Your piece relies on it heavily.


Hi Victor - yes, this piece in particular relies on 4th and 5ths, it's just one style I like to write in, heavily influenced by Wakeman - I feel it has a power not present in pieces using standard tertial harmony, and is a good addition to the repertoire of sounds we all create. 3+3+2 I was very conscious of using in this piece, though I embrace it to a lesser extent in other pieces. I think it is popular because the strident beats break the regular time and create a sense of forward movement, a kind of propulsion if you will. Thanks for listening, and for your comments!


Just listened to this again, after posting about it in the past, and still find it EXCELLENT Gav--I couldnt have enjoyed this more.

Way to go--you got this old man dancing in his chair:)

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob - two listens - a high compliment!

Very Classic Ballroom Jazz. Very much approved my good Sir.

Hi Brock and thanks for listening! Jazz is a big influence on me. Glad you got some enjoyment out of it!



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