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Hi everybody,

I have a few versions of these themes on my SC. For this tune I wanted to be minimalist both in instrumentation and in ornament. Therefore I call it Progression, it is meant as a pure progression of themes.

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Thank you MM, your comments are always appreciated.


Hi Kjell,


This is a very beautiful, lyrical and inspiring piece.

Structurally and conceptually I found it much as its title suggests, i.e. Progress. I liked very much the brief opening by the cello solo as if suggesting to the piano the accompanying rhythm to be followed. I also found it  as one of very few instrumental pieces of this length where there was not any need for modulation. It is very pleasant throughout with its main dynamic climaxes (3'08'' for instance) and anti-climaxes, and its conclusion is very persuading that the progress somewhere stops.

Thanks for sharing. Give us more of this stuff.

Agree with the others. Beautiful piece. Lovely interplay of voices. Love the buildup. Well developed. It's in E minor with some chromatic flavour. Well done!

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