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Hello all,

I just bought Pro-Tools 9 (Avid) and can't wait to get it started. Wanted to know if anyone else out there has the new version. I use "Windows Home Edition Premium" 64 bit and I have plenty of memory. I also have an external drive.

One mistake I made was buying the Oxygen 49 "3rd Generation" as my MIDI controller. I found that requirements for Pro-Tools 9 doesn't include Oxygen at all and I think that is why I get a message saying"unable to locate hardwaremake sure hardware is connected" . I do plan to buy the "M-Box 3" that is compatable with Pro Tools 9. One  question,will I be able to use the Oxygen keyboard through the M-box? Oxygen has only the USB connection and the MBox 3 has the USB connection plus MIDI in and out. Will this require some other interface between the keyboard and the M-Box, and does anyone know if it is necessary to buy the graphics card they recommend? Navigating through the help forum is tedious.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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I know. it does work on my mac when I use garage band so i know the keyboard works. I think Avid just wants you to buy more stuff as they upgradfe thier sofware,which pi--es me off. But, when I get the "new midi controller , I'll be up and running. I'll keep you posted on the exiting details of "Anthony Cox and His Technical Adventures".

Oh by the way , I found a guy nearby who makes pedal steels. He's a retired player. Maybe he'll show me how to "go with the force" :)

PT9 isn't dependent on M-Audio gear anymore. It should run without it. Just make sure all your equipment is set up correctly and all your drivers are up-to-date, you may have to go onto the avid site to find them. Also, can you not just plug the keyboard into your computer, instead of through the m-box?

hey thanks all

i've been out of town but a day later I sorted things out. The only problem i have now is the sound is coming out distorted. Could this be I'm using little cheap speakers hooked up to my computer. I would think it would not be a problem. I get back home tomorrow so I'll try it out and let you know what's up. Thanks all for your help.

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