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A  Prelude for Piano, written in 2010 (hence the title '131010' = 13/10/2010)



For those who prefer MP3 rather than Soundcloud, file is below

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I really like this piece. Love the angularity of it and the harmonic language. Very fun piece indeed. Will their be more to add to this piece or is this a stand alone piece?

Tyler / Ray

Yes, there will be further pieces appearing over the next month or so.

I really liked this piece.  To me it invoked the picture of a city, with people and cars going in different directions and voices shouting over one another.  I think you could expand this into a solo piece, perhaps unaccompanied.

I like it a lot. The first part reminds me of Turangalila. I like the clusters in the bass ostinato (sounds jazzy, sort of reminds of Bernstein). Nice use of the chromatic scale.

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