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A prelude for Piano  (written/started on 3/1/2013, hence number in title)



The score can be seen  on Issuu . You can also listen to the piece on Issuu.


An MP3 is included below for those who prefer

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Fantastic piano piece! I really enjoyed listening to it, the harmony and the rhythms are really nice! Reminds me of some Ligeti works with several lines that interwine to form a musical feeling, something that move forward and that seems unstoppable (which reminds me of Bach also...). Good job!

Outstanding work ( as usual), Congratulations! 

Great piece ! i love it !


I really like this, reminds me of Prokoviev at his best. I'm curious about Raymond's comment about Preludes being used to deny resolution/ A piece like this isn't built with the concept of resolution in mind. I guess everyone wants something different from their music.

Delightful! And a beautifully notated score!

David, excellent job, tho not the usual style I listen to, I listened to it twce

          and found the piece literally captivating -intriging and colorful til the

          end, which left me hanging... unlike  for instance most of the Chopin

          I've heard.  Was that possibly the point ? 


This is impressive. Beautifully written for piano, very "pianistic" and on the whole effective. My only quibble is with the uniformity of the texture, which at a certain point starts to sound a bit drab and grey. For instance in meas. 127-140, do we really need the left hand part? Why not free the left hand to move up into the same range as the RH, making the sextuplet passages more elaborate and exciting and temporarily at least relieving the heaviness of those left hand chords?

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