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Hi All

I am happy to share the last track of my orchestral album "Portraits" which will publish soon on Spotify/ITunes

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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Thanks Charles for the feedback, much appreciated.

indeed I compose since 20 years now and last year I decided to invest to reach a quality of sound that is comparable to a real orchestra and can be used to publish music for streaming. I think I found a good partner in Spitfire Audio, what I can do with these libraries is amazing.

But as you say is matter of priority, and also it takes lot of time to produce a track to this level, so probably I compose at half speed but what matters now for me is be able to share the music.

Thank you again for listening/watching! :)

Charles Holt said:

Not everyone has access to this level of quality though Mike. My setup is very basic indeed and I hope that the music will come through on its own merits. Marco has produced a wonderful piece.

Mike Hewer said:

EXCELLENT DAW work Marco. Manipulation like this makes such a difference to the actual music doesn’t it, makes it speak so much more musically than more basic midi playback sound which is often preferred by some composers. The piece is cool too and the whole concept is a neat idea.

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