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Hi everyone,

Since a few days I'm composing this symphony in the classical style to make myself acquinted with basic composition techniques again and I'm having some trouble. Everything up to measure 24 sounds fine to me, but the transition to B-flat major that occurs from measures 25-28 sounds a little abrupt and not as delicate as the rest. Next comes my second subject in measure 29 however the orchestration doesn't sound quite right. Anyone has some suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance!


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Did you upload the right file?  'cos it sounds the same as the previous version to me.

Without even listening, one can tell the two files are different.  One is 4.5 MB.  The earlier file is 4.6 MB. He has obviously not uploaded the same file as he did before.  If the two files sound the same, we might want to ask, "how do they sound the same?"  In what ways are they the same? 

Actually, Dave Dexter's Concordance adds a new dimension to this discussion.  That's excellent work, in a very similar vein.  It might pay to ask, about both pieces (one orchestral, one a chamber work) which phase of Mozart's or Haydn's work are we talking about, in terms of what's being imitated or composed "in the classical style?"  Are we talking about early, middle or mature "Mozart" (or "Haydn,") for either the symphony or the chamber piece?

Dave Dexter said:


I'd be interested in your thoughts on this recording:


Dag Marijn,

I think you're this Marijn Hartkamp?

In that case you're doing fine. I hope and expect you'll be studying music composition in the near future. It might be a good idea to put together a portfolio. You don't have to finish this symphony, but put the best part in your portfolio.

You're talented, but I guess you already knew that :-)

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