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Hi all, I wrote this short piece for the Two Part Invention contest

         a short while back . It was just sitting around gathering          dust and I decided to try some new sounds.

         Originally writen for piano or harpsichord, this mix seemed         to give it a lot more character and , for lack of a better word,

         'pizzazz'. Also, how would you catagorize this 'sound'?          Listen, if you will, and let me know what other instruments

         you think would fit the overall nature of the piece.

         ( other than trash can lids and garbage disposals) : ) Thanks, Roger










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Hi Roger.
I think organ sounds would work well with this piece,two different voices would certainly show the counterpoint pretty clearly.
How very Swingle Singers of you.

Just needs some brushwork on a drum kit.

Mike L

I hear a wind quartet

Rick, Mike and John., thanks so much for your comments and input.

It was fun to try dfferent combinations of instruments with this piece

before I settled on the current version.

All of your suggestions sound like something interesting to try.

Kinda like variations on a theme, but instead of changing notation,

you change instruments... for effect. I really like the creative aspect of that.

Think of the potential .... a Bach fugue performed by clarinet and kazoo.

Don't laugh, it might just revolutionize the entire music industry.   lol

For some strange reason, though I wrote it over 2 1/2 yrs. ago, I still

enjoy going back to it and listening to it.

Hi John, are you suggesting 4 voices? and if so, what instruments would you suggest?

This sounds like an interesting challenge to (and for) me.     RS

John Summers said:

I hear a wind quartet

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