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Written for a String Quintet, accompanied by String Orchestra with a Bass Drum.  This piece is incomplete and might be for some time, every time i think i've come to an end I tack on more.  One of the few pieces i've written that i believe is worth revealing to human ears. 

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Thank you. :)
"Flow" is one of the key words i love to here when i right a piece i like every section, to the best of my ability, to sort of swoft into the next. Thanks for the ear.

Brendan Perkins said:
This piece has a really good flow to it, it would be great to hear it in a completed form. Good work.
Woops lol, I already broke the mark its at 12:49 now... I'm considering breaking it into separate movements. Is that a good idea or is it better as a whole.
Thanks for the Advice and I'll do just that

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