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Hello all,

I'd like to present my latest project. It's a combination of works/movements for piano 4 hands, lasting a total of 16 minutes approximately. Each movement has a unique style, which lingers around the neo-classical aesthetics but with, hopefully, a unique approach... 

I managed to publish the score, record and video tape the process, so I'm able to offer youtube vids of some of the works...

I'm starting off with No.3 titled "How to live in an underground home" and No.7 "An unfortunate/fair dialogue". 

In all videos I play the primo part, while Myrto Akrivou, a wonderful Greek pianist plays the secondo parts.

Here's the videos then:


Looking forward to your comments.

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What a shame. I'm in China and can't view youtube. I'm sure someone else will give you feedback.

Ah... I'm so sorry about this. I'll check with vimeo (which I've neglected) if this should solve this issue... And I'll check if I can reduce the quality of the mp3s, to something rather bad, so you can get the idea... Problem is that the recording is up from sale on CD Baby so I can't attach the mp3s like that... :-/ 

Or perhaps you can give me a direct email (PM?) so I can exchange a few thoughts, ideas, etc?)...

Nikolas, these are delightful!!   I watched all the movements that I could find on YouTube and every one is a little gem.  Four hand pieces are so much fun to play and I love your humorous names.  The YouTube performances are also great. 

I hope you get to see these performances, Jeff.  You know there's a software package you can run to get to Youtube and other things from China - my son lives in China and uses it.  I can't remember the name, but ask around ...

Thanks again Nikolas for sharing these treasures of four handed piano literature.

Thank you for posting these... very enjoyable!

Julie: Thanks. Yes, there are four movements available in youtube right now, so I will be posting the other two soon. I didn't want to create a single thread with all four. But there are plenty of chances of various performances (promises probably, but...) and I'm pretty happy with the reception so far. :)

Janet: Thanks for listening/watching. 

Saul: I'm sorry that you will be forgetting this type of music in the next minute. I wish I could satisfy everyone, but apparently this is not possible... Maybe next time, or next tune will not be so... abstract and indifferent as to forget it? Who knows...

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