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Hey! I'm back with another piano piece. The original idea was the loss of a loved one.

I hope you will like it. :)

Have a great day!

Jérémie Lhomme

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Well, that's just plain lovely. Very nice sense of dynamics throughout to keep the interest going.

Thank you very much :)

Hi Jeremie.

The moment I saw the title, I thought hmm, might be a bit questionable!

However, I visited your soundcloud page and played all the pieces there.

Wow what a delight. You certainly have the romantic style under your fingertips as well as the harmonies.

In your bio you say that you would like to be a composer full time. I would like to add some more comments tomorrow about that goal.

In the meantime keep up the great work. Aim very high Jeremie. You are certainly going in the right direction.

Best wishes to you and your family, and I will give more detailed observations tomorrow.


@Paul Copeland


Thank you so much for listening and commenting! I am really flattered by what you said. :)

Looking forward to read your comments about my goal and, your detailed observations.

Best wishes to you as well.

Jeremie Lhomme

PS: I was in Melbourne 2 years ago. Really nice city!

Hi Jeremie,

Rather than write volumes here in a single post, I will make a few observations, and wait until I hear from you and then follow up.

Do you have an Ipad?

If you do, you can download the complete piano works of Chopin and other piano works of other composers as well. The sheet music scrolls on the screen while it plays back via either the Ipad and or Bluetooth. You can, if you are connected to a printer via the Ipad, print the sheet music.

The software is released by Zinnworks.Inc. I have just about all the piano works released by Zinnworks :)

It is always a good idea I think to look at the sheet music of a composer who you admire, and then if you want to use the composer's harmonic palette and perhaps copy his musical structures/forms also.

Regarding the harmonies in the pieces of yours that I listened to, I would like to hear more adventurous harmonies, like in some of the more chromatic pieces of Chopin.

Best wishes and bye for now.


Ps. Glad you enjoyed Melbourne. We live about an hour from the city, near many of the wineries :)

Hello Paul,

I do not own an ipad unfortunately... This app sounds pretty good. 

I have the sheet music of Chopin's Preludes, Waltzes, Nocturnes, Etudes, Ballades and, of the Berceuse. :)

When you say "more adventurous harmonies, like in some of the more chromatic pieces of Chopin" are you talking about the climax of the 2nd ballade (from the bar 168) for example? Is it the type of harmonies you are referring to?

Best regards,


Hi Jeremie,

I do apologize for taking a long time to get back to you.

Yes those harmonies are some of the chromatic ones.

Do you by any chance have a PDf of sheet music of one of your compositions? I would like to see one.

Also, if you do typeset your music you could create a music book of your compositions. You could publish using POD (Print One Demand) publishing which would cost you only the initial proof book to approve. Then your book would be available online via Amazon etc. Great way to publish books :)


Well written,  continuity and pacing of ideas is quite good.  Bravo!

Hey there J L , impromptu ?  very nice. You have some touching passages and

a lot of dynamic transitional chord phrasing here. Given the nature of what your

original intention was, I believe this piece could and should be expanded.

I heard it as somewhat reminiscent of 'Moonlight Sonata'. I think you could actually

enhance some of the development and create a larger piece of work.

Just my opinion here, and food for thought.    brilliant but 'crammed'.  happy harmonies    RS

Beautiful..simply beautiful, and touching. Very well done, and the chords repeated at the end seemed to almost be an attempt to hold onto the the loved one lost, by trying to not let the music end..

Great work!

Thanks so much for sharing:)

Thanks Bob

@Paul Copeland

I have some sheet music. You can send me an email and I will answer you with a sheet music. :)

Do you think that it could sell well? :)


@Marc Eugene Farmer  Thank you so much! :)

@roger stancill  Thanks a lot :)! 

You are right about the moonlight sonata.

I will take note of your feedbacks! I appreciate it! Thanks again!

@Bob Morabito Thank you very much Bob! I'm glad you liked it! And, you are right about those repeated chords in the end! :)

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